Wildflower Linen Goes International…

For the past three years, Wildflower Linen and Youngsong Martin have been traveling across the globe to Asia to bring American Wedding Design concepts to International Markets. Youngsong started out as a Wedding Marketing Consultant for Lotte Hotels in Korea, helping to design Wedding Packages for their hotels as well as facilitate their annual Wedding Event. She is now in full swing furthering her Asian expansion by working with Beijing, China.

About Lotte Hotels:

Lotte Hotels & Resorts is Korea’s largest luxury chain hotel with six hotels including: Seoul, Worlk, Ulsan, Busan, Jeju and Moscow. With Youngsong being somewhat of a celebrity in Korea due to her success with Wildflower Linen and previously as a reputable fashion designer in the US, it was no wonder she caught the attention of Lotte Hotels head of Marketing and top managers interested in expanding their “wedding” market. In just one year of Youngsong’s first Wedding Event 3 years ago, Lotte Hotel’s wedding revenue has increased by over 100%!

Every year, Lotte Hotels in Korea hosts a Wedding Marketing Event that brings Korea’s top movie stars, socialites, and VIP guests to join in an evening to view the most elaborate and glamorous wedding decor and style influenced from Western Culture. This includes everything from a full scale ceremony site, dressed to the nine’s cocktail area and a full blown reception dinner seated for 700.

For months prior, Youngsong Martin and a Wildflower Linen team prepare for this huge event in the US where they design everything from the theme, florals, colors, fabrics and logistics for the event. Once the design elements are in place, Youngsong brings with her an additional team of top event professionals from the US, including planners, designers, lighting companies and florists that accompany her to Korea to execute the design plans. Each year, Youngsong chooses different event professionals so that they too can share in this international experience.

2012 Lotte Hotel Wedding Event:

This year, Youngsong’s theme for the Lotte Hotel event was an over the top “Classic Royal Garden” inspired by the British Royal Wedding along with elements from Grecian Gods and Athens, Greece.  With last year following a “modern cutting-edge minimalist” approach, Youngsong felt this year should celebrate a more abundant and elaborate design, filling every space on the table and in the room.  Regardless of the theme, Youngsong is always mindful to infuse the trends and styles that are current in the Korean culture along with her designs.  

The Gazebo was designed to emote an ethereal feel with cast iron rods, covered in champagne drapery and surrounded by a backdrop of lush boxwood hedges.  The Ceremony Runway was lined using one of our new linens, the Annette in GOLD.  It was also featured in a tablescape showcasing the table linen, chair sleeves with our marilyn ostrich feathers and as chair pad covers.

Just as gold is a symbol of wealth in most cultures and red is adorn on ancient palace ceilings in China, Youngsong wanted to bring in the colors of celedon to symbolize the kingdoms in ancient Korea. All the dinner table linens, chair covers and napkins reflected these colors using our Iridescent Taffeta Turquoise fabrics and Phoenix Aqua Lace overlay.  Over a dozen crystal and gold chandeliers that were covered in thousands of florals, were brought in to resemble Greek goddess headpieces.  Lush centerpieces, Wildflower Linen Gold Lotus Napkin Rings and other fine details filled every inch of the dinner tables.  Over 400 candles were used to create a wall of light.  Uplights and pinspots throughout the entire ballroom created ambient lighting to complete the look.

Other spaces of the Lotte Hotel showcased different vignettes including a special hommage to an organic sustainabile environment, decorated tablescapes and a full ice bar in the lounge area.

The whole event was a success and Wildflower Linen and Youngsong Martin are excited to plan next year’s event. 

Stay tuned as we will share a part two with some favorite photos of the past 2 events designed by Youngsong Martin.