Wildflower Linen at Opera Pacific Ball

This year was my fourth year on the design committee of the Opera Pacific’s annual fund-raising event. It was also the Opera Pacific’s Silver Anniversary. To reflect this milestone as well as complement Chameleon Chair’s Chloe chair in pink we brought silver to the forefront of the design. The tabletops were created with a silver Paillette cloth (a new addition in that collection), with an underlay of Garden Fuchsia, one of the 40 new colors in the matte satin collection. When the doors opened for dinner, the entire room shimmered with light.

Design Tip: For events like fundraisers, using linen like this creates a dramatic effect on the overall look, not the bottom line.

The Wildflower team from left to right:
Desiree Patterson, Mei Ng, Youngsong Martin, Agnes Park and Kelly Moody