WFL featured in Bizbash for the Hollywood Premiere of SALT

Thanks to our friends at Benarroch Productions, Wildflower Linen’s “luxe linens” were featured at the Hollywood Premiere of SALT starring Angelina Jolie, a star studded evening that was also featured in Bizbash Los Angeles.
 15/40 Productions lead the dramatic arrivals and pre-show events while Benarroch Productions produced the  premiere party.

Courtesy of Bizbash & Line 8 Photography

12-Foot-Tall letters stood in front of the arrival carpets at the Graman’s Chinese Theatre.

From Bizbash, Los Angeles:  800 guests moved upstairs to the Grand Ballroom at the Hollywood & Highland Centerfor the Benarroch-produced party. The event seemed to evoke the pre-recession age of premiere party grandeur, with red lighting from ELSfilling the space, a curving champagne bar from sponsor Vertuze at the entrance, and luxe linens from Wildflower Linen. Wolfgang Puck catered a Russian menu, in keeping with the movie’s plot, and screens in a sleek lounge area showed surveillance footage from the film.

Courtesy of Bizbash & Line 8 Photography

 The Russian inspired after-party at the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland.

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