A Silver and Blue Table for the Holidays adds just enough mix of traditional and bold flavors to create the perfect Holiday Tablescape. Don’t be afraid to fill the your holiday tables with extra accessories and accents to create an over the top opulent tablescape; in this case, more is more!

* Colors displayed online may vary slightly from actual fabric colors due to differences in monitor calibration settings.

Get the Look

Crystal White Chair Sleeve

This stunning pattern creates a modern illusion for your event. The sleek chair cover exudes a contemporary feel with its fine lines leading to a diamond shaped mirror that will catch the eyes of your guests.

WFL Holiday Blue 3-800 copy

Bunya Silver with Cabaret Trim Chivari Chair Cap

Looking to bring homage back to the “roaring 20’s” or just needing some extra bling for an event…this chair cap will do just that. The cap begins with the metallic and symmetrical lines of the Buyna Fabric which brings a sophisticated sleek style. It is then met with a 2 inch rhinestone belt, 2 focal metallic buttons and topped off with finely beaded embellishments to complete the fun and stylish look!

Here are some additional chair covers that would create a sleek, modern affair that is still fun and festive.

Annette Silver Floral Chair Back with Nu Silk Fitted Skirt

This delicate silver lace chair back adorned with optional florals and fitted silver nu silk skirt is perfect for anyone wanting a sophisticated look with a little added sparkle.

White with Silver Dot Chivari Chair Back

This fun and modern chair cover will add a pop of sparkle and bling to your event. Paired it with a contemporary tablescape of glass and mercury
elements or keep your table a crisp white to let these white with silver dot chivari chair backs take center stage.

Crushed Velvet Royal Blue Linen

Choose from a palette of rich jewel tones and create a mood of dreamy opulence. Divine variations in the pilings catch the light with this heavyweight linen. Colors include: Black, Burgundy, Mocha, Purple, Red, and White. See below for additional blue and silver options for your holiday event!

Silver Napkins

WFL Holiday Blue 2-800 - Copy copy

Silver and Platinum is a perfect accent to the bright and vibrant blue tones; perfect for the holiday season. We used a shiny silver napkin which adds additional shine and interest to the tablescape. Choose from Shantung, Matte Satin, Iridescent Taffeta or Diamond Taffeta to find a shade of silver that works for you.

Here are some additional options for blue toned table linens:

Camilla Indigo

Rich, regal fabric prefect for an elegant event. Flowers and branches glide over the fabric like calligraphy. Gold and indigo work brilliantly to produce a European Formal style creation.

Nu Silk Sapphire

The Nu Silk Fabric Collection was created to offer clients the same superbly grained texture and light reflecting quality that Dupioni Silk can offer, but at a fraction of the rental cost. With its rich and bold colors and only a hint of sheen, this fabric continues to showcase a mark of taste and prestige for any event.

Chloe Organza Navy Overlay

For the peak of fashion, outfit your event in the newest design for your tables in layered ruffle pleats overlay or dress your high cocktail table in shimmering pleats that create a stunning silhouette when wrapped to resemble a form-fitting gown, ideal for windy locales.

King Platinum

Make a bold statement with this modern yet fun linen. The King Collection features small to large eclectic rings intertwined with flecks of sparkle. It conveys a whimsical yet modernist glam feel, making every table look like its own piece of art.

Glitz Silver

For the ultimate sparkling effect, this tinsel-like fabric with glittering metallic strands will have your table standout with glee!

Annette Silver

Dress up your table in sparkles! Glittery, gorgeous and fabulous!

Accessories – Napkin Rings

Since holidays are such a fun and festive occassion, use additional accessories for your tablescape to build an over-the-top display of opulence! We used our Royal Napkin Rings to complete this tablescape but other choices include our Winston or Starburst Crystal would also be a great choice!

WFL Holiday Blue 1-800 - Copy copy WFL Holiday Blue 4-800 copy

Royal Blue Napkin Ring

Crystals surround a large oval sapphire stone replicating Kate Middleton’s Wedding Engagement Ring given to her by Prince William.

Starburst Crystal Napkin Ring

The Starburst Napkin Ring is designed to replicate a perfectly symmetrical floral element with mirror like crystal petals. They add just the right amount of crystal and silver accent and can be used to finish a modern and contemporary tablescape or one just wanting additional bling!

Winston Crystal Napkin Ring

The Winston Napkin Ring is one of Wildflower Linen’s first and most popular napkin rings. With its dozens of diamond like crystal clustered together within a silver elegant setting, it set the precedent to the rest of the Napkin Ring Collection. They add just the right amount of a crystal and silver accent to make any table pop! Use them for special parties, just the sweetheart, head table or even all the guests!

Vendor Credit
– Linens: Wildflower Linen
– Florals: Mille Fiori
– Party Rentals: Classic Party Rentals
– Photographer: Gene Higa