Curly Willow Seafoam Sleeve with Iridescent Taffeta Ocean and Carolyn Lace Grey Cap

When we think of the words Modern, Contemporary, Sleek, Chic…elements in white & silver, glass & clean lines come to mind.  When we think of Romance, words like elegant, lace and soft colors come to mind.
But what if the two worlds collided?
Wanting minimalism doesn’t mean you can’t pair it with romance and elegance.

With the inspiration of timeless designers such as Chanel and Alexander McQueen,  Wildflower Linen is trending an evolution of tradtional romance with a modern twist.

* Colors displayed online may vary slightly from actual fabric colors due to differences in monitor calibration settings.

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Prism Crystal Silver/White Chair Sleeve

This stunning pattern creates a modern illusion for your event. The sleek chair cover exudes a contemporary feel with its fine lines leading to a diamond shaped mirror that will catch the eyes of your guests.

Curly Willow Seafoam Chair Sleeve

Set the stage for elegance and celebration with sheer, harmoniously-hued twists of ruffles cascading from the back of the chair sleeves. Absolutely lovely and fun!

Francesca Leather White with Aqua Chair Sleeve

Sparkling through the overlay, the single large rosette ornaments the full sleeve. Adorn your event with a floral pattern created by each chair sleeve.

Parisian White Leather Chair Sleeve

Inspired by the beautiful yet simple designs of Coco Chanel, this chair cover is truly “classy and fabulous”. Amaze your guests with this chic cover with a touch of elegance with a black or silver flower accent.

Cotton Pique White Chair Sleeve

The Cotton Pique white chair sleeve is sleek and clean. It’s a pure white and has a subtle texture. Its heavyweight cotton material allows a form fitting look which can be perfect for someone wanting a rustic or wine country wedding but with a more formal feel, an elegant formal affair or even a modern corporate setting. A simple belt with floral accent completes the look.

Iridescent Taffeta Ocean

Create your party around these versatile and magnificently hued linens. Choose between enticing matte textures, with a seductive hint of sheen, or go all the way with breathtaking iridescence. Beautiful when used all on its own, or with the intrigue of complimenting chivari chair cushion covers made from the reverse side of the fabric, and reversible dinner and cocktail napkins. Stunning when customized as our Charlotte styled wedding dress-like bustles around your dining or cake tables.

Hanae Aqua and Ivory

Make a splash at your next event with this gorgeous linen! Subtle elegeant swirls create the background of the print, while aqua flowers flow effortlessly on this beautifully tailored look!

Palm Blue

Relaxed, cool, and clam. Perfect for bringing a breeze of sophistication to your event. Different hues of blue and green pattern the fabric to create a tropical feel.

Featured in Image: Iridescent Taffeta Ocean Table Linen, Saturn Ivory Overlay, Parisian White Leather Chair Sleeve

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Featured in Image: Iridescent Taffeta Ocean Table Linen, Carolyn Lace Overlay, Curly Willow Aqua Chair Sleeve

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Don’t be afraid to try a soft aqua blue linens with lace and beading with a modern, chic chair cover.

Hanae Aqua and Ivory Table Linen, Curly Willow Aqua Chair Sleeve

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Featured in Image: Palm Blue Table Linen, Curly Willow Aqua Chair Sleeve

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