Shedding for the Wedding Premieres on the CW!

Don’t miss out on watching Shedding for the Wedding, premiering this evening on the CW network, home of some of our favorite guilty pleasures – Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Vampire Diaries, Hell Cats… need we say more???  You’ll see the contestants choose our designer linens for their weddings in later episodes but we want you to get hooked NOW!  Watch for our designer linens on March 23 when the couples choose their wedding designs and decor and on April 13 as you find out who wins Shedding for the Wedding!  We’ll keep you posted on these special episodes!

Click HERE to watch some trailers.

About Shedding for the Wedding:

They say two of the most stressful things in life are losing weight and getting married. Imagine having to go through both at the same time. In The CW’s new reality competition “Shedding For The Wedding,” that is the challenge that nine overweight couples must face as they compete to see who can lose the most weight and win the wedding of their dreams.

In the series hosted by actress Sara Rue (“Less Than Perfect”), the engaged couples from all walks of life come to Los Angeles, where they will live together and compete over a three-month period. The couples will undergo dramatic physical and emotional transformations as they change their lifestyles and eating habits under the supervision of celebrity nutritionist Ashley Koff (RD). They will also endure hours of grueling workouts with world-class trainers Nicky Holender and Jennifer Cohen.

During this time, the couples will also be planning their fantasy weddings with the help of A-list wedding planner Brian Worley. The unique character and background of each couple will be reflected in the wedding themes they select.

In each episode of “Shedding For The Wedding,” the couples face off in a big physical challenge, competing to win one element of their wedding — from the invitations, to the cake, to the rings. Whatever they win will be theirs to keep. At the end of each episode, the couples will step on the scale and be weighed together — the two couples who have lost the least amount of combined weight that week will face off in an elimination challenge. The couple that loses that challenge will be eliminated.

In the finale, the first seven eliminated couples will return for one more weigh-in. The couple that has continued to lose the most weight at home on their own will win their fantasy honeymoon. Then our final two couples will face off for one last weigh-in. In the end, one couple will win their fantasy wedding — a once-in-a-lifetime event — that America will attend.

Hosted by Sara Rue, “Shedding For The Wedding” is from 25/7, Breakfast Anytime, Horizon Alternative Television and Raquel Productions, with executive producers Dave Broome (“The Biggest Loser”), Rick Hurvitz (“Pimp My Ride”) and Ari Shofet (“Pimp My Ride”).