Passport to Style

When my friends at Elite OC Productions wanted to show their clients that they could design environments as unique, beautiful and cutting-edge as anything done in Los Angeles and New York, they pulled out all the stops even incorporating synchronized swimmers and ballroom dancers. And Wildflower Linen was there to help, providing some of our newest, most innovative creations.

Produced by Elite’s three owners – Linda and Burton Young and Andrea Shelley, “Passport to the World of Elite,” was quite the happening. And where it all happened was Shelley’s fabulous home. She cleared out all her furniture and gave each room over to a different theme and ambience.

The 275 guests traveled mere steps to find themselves in different parts of the world.

In the Asian dining room, we featured our new chiavari barstool chair cover –the Kimono Chair Barstool Chair Sleeve with Asian Brocade Red Obi Belt.

To help Shelly transform her living room into a smaller version of Versailles, we used Wildflower Linen’s rich Dupioni Silk Light Blue Diana chair covers.

And finally, in the garden wedding room, we featured our Matte Satin linen on the table and a new Pleated Curly Willow Chair Cover to add more than a touch of romance.

Photos By: Kendra Duerst Photography