New Linens Showcased at Catersource Tradeshow in Las Vegas

The beginning of this month, our team traveled Las Vegas and showcased our newest linen rentals collection at the Catersource/Event Solutions tradeshow.  Check out the video to view highlights from the show.



For those who went to Catersource / Event Solutions Convention in Las Vegas, NV, it was our pleasure to debut the new “Canvas Collection”; series of fabrics in its raw state that is then transformed into a more feminine linen with the addition of soft tinted tulle and floral appliqué.  Along with this new collection, over 50 additional table linens and chair covers were showcased at this year’s event. 

Why the word canvas?  One definition for canvas means a piece of coarse natural open weave, used as a foundation to create artwork.   The owner and designer, Youngsong Martin, not only wanted to create individual artwork in each piece of  this collection, but she wants you to use these items to paint an even bigger picture in the over all design of your event; create the whole picture by using these simple pieces that can be the foundation that ties the entire look and feel together. 

With today’s society making an effort to be more eco-friendly, so has the designs as well.  Brides are falling in love with romance in the countryside, vineyards, gardens and barn weddings.  But rather than keeping it plain and natural, we’ve added a twists and made it pretty and natural!  These looks have just been created this year, and we look forward to adding a little extra special to your simply natural events.  

Take a look below at some new items we brought to the show, captured by Andy Mars Photography.

Photography © 2011 Andy Mars 
Samples of new colors from the Canvas Collection:
Stay tuned for a proper introduction to this new collection later this spring.  
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