Wildflower Linen invited as a Guest Speaker for “Mondays at the Mission”

After the fabulous Luxe Hotel Wedding Bridal Event last month, we received at call from our good friend, renowned bridal stylist, Renee Strauss to collaborate on a new project that is truly dear to our hearts; working with children and today’s youth to make a difference in their lives.

Youngsong Martin, owner and principal designer of Wildflower Linen will be teaming up with Renee Strauss as guest speakers in May for Mondays at the Mission.  They will co-teach about Entrepreneurship: sharing their life stories, lessons and teach the students how to embark on creating their own businesses.
“Being about to speak to kids and teach them that they have the power to succeed in life is so humbling to me!  I’m so excited and honored to have a chance to share my story and advice with them!” – Youngsong Martin


Mondays at the Mission

Mondays at the Mission is the first and only weekly career and life skills program for teenagers at Union Rescue Mission, the largest and oldest homeless shelter in Los Angeles.  Every Monday night, the program offers career and life skills classes, guest speakers, special events and mentoring opportunities.  They were featured on The Ellen Degeneres Show  and Elon Musk, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Tesla Motors, was the most recent guest speaker!

Click here to see Elon Musk in Mondays at the Mission.

Mondays at the Mission Elon Musk

Mondays at the Mission was created and founded by Christopher Kai.

About Mondays at the Mission:  Mondays at the Mission offer weekly career and life skills classes, guest speakers, special events and mentoring opportunities. We have had 154 classes, 133 speakers from 21 states and 18 countries, representing more than 62 different careers. Over the last 3 1/2 years, we have helped hundreds of homeless students stay in school, apply and secure jobs, and prepare and matriculate into colleges.

It is the only weekly career and life skills program for teenagers at Union Rescue Mission.  Along with being featured on The Ellen Degeneres Show, our program participants have been featured on The Huffington Post, People Magazine, Fortune, Inc., The Atlantic, Time, NBC Nightly News, CNN, The Today Show, and Oprah.

Speaker Profiles: Our speakers have included: Elon Musk (Tesla Motors CEO), Nolan Bushnell (founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese and Steve Jobs’ first employer) Christine Van Loo (Olympic acrobat), Johnny Strange (youngest person to climb world’s seven tallest summits), Jean De Die Gatete (Rwanda genocide survivor and medical doctor), Tom Shadyac (Hollywood producer and writer of Liar Liar and Bruce Almighty), J.C. Mauduit (Cal Tech astronomer), BC Jean (multi-platinum songwriter of “If I Were a Boy” recorded by Beyonce), KC Porter (Grammy-winning producer), and J.R. Martinez (Dancing with the Stars winner)

Student Profile: Mostly aged 11-17

Class Size: 5-15 students

When: Every Monday night from 7PM-8:30PM (Class starts at 7:30pm)

Renee Strauss with Youngsong Martin

Renee Strauss with Youngsong Martin

Youngsong and Renee will be guest speakers at the Mondays at the Mission on May 17.

If you are interested in helping out your own community the same way Renee and Youngsong are making a stamp in Los Angeles, we want to hear about it!  Contact us so we can see if we help in your efforts or connect you to the right people in your area to make a difference! Info@wildflowerlinens.com

Other Projects:

This is just one of many projects Youngsong and Wildflower Linen are working on which includes: Beckstrand Cancer Foundation, Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children (CASA Foundation), Operation Shower (for military moms) and Unicef to name a few.

One specific local project which we’re calling “Operation Gowns” is spearheaded by Youngsong Martin and includes creating and donating over 2,000 hospital gowns to children fighting cancer and liver disease.  The  most unique part about “Operation Gowns” project is that the children get to create the actual designs on the blue or pink gowns, making them feel special and perhaps a bit normal in their day to day lives at the hospitals.  More info to come on this special project as well as some creative designs by the children artists!  Contact us if you want to donate or be a part of this project!  Reference “Operation Gowns”.

Below is a heartfelt excerpt from the mother of a little girl who is a patient at the hospital who helped to initiate this special project.

Ana Anselmo (Mother of 6yr old Savvy Anselmo)

An Amazing Surreal Moment and Opportunity for All of My Hospital Parent Friends! Liver Family:
I had a surreal experience this past week. I made a tough decision to attend a wedding conference. It was an amazing opportunity to attend an amazing conference, Inspire Smart Success Experience – Palm Beach.   On Savvy’s birthday, I listened to some amazing speakers and one in particular made me cry. Not a cute delicate cry that you see on commercials but you know the Ugly Cry that Oprah so famously talks about. I was sitting at the front row (my luck!!) and an amazing man by the name of Brett Culp showed a clip of his new film. A film on how Batman inspired 13 individuals to become super heros. As soon as I saw the little boy with the Batman cape and his mom uttered the word leukemia, Ugly Cry began and there was no turning back. Then I saw for a brief second the Batmobile and recognized the Batman who travels the country to visit sick children … the one who attended Savannah’s Celebration of Life party last year at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital…. at this point … I was uncontrollable and could not wipe the tears fast enough.
I stood up at the end of the presentation to share with Mr. Culp what his heart in leading him to make this film … well … how it has touched my heart. I then excused myself and went to the bathroom to clean up. Yeah….well….no chance the ugly tears were going to end because I ran into the most amazing women in the bathroom. The owners of JuneBugWeddings.com … these women founded their company with the simple core value of “Kindness”. A reminder that you don’t need to spend days, months and years to affect a person … a simple act of kindness can touch them in ways you may never imagine.
Then an amazing woman walked in and I just saw her kind face. I recognized her as a speaker at the conference.  These kind eyes looked at us and the heart listened. This amazing woman was Youngsong Martin, owner of Wildflower Linen. I shared with her how the film had touched my heart and how it is so important to remember that our children are not cancer or liver disease. They are children who happen to be attached to medical equipment fighting for their lives but they are simply children. I shared with Ms. Martin how Savvy had cried for an hour not because she was about to have surgery or the pain she was experiencing but because she did not want to wear the blue scratchy hospital gown. Savvy was a 6 year old girl and wanted to wear pink or purple. Her spirit was being broken … She can not control her body but she wanted some kind of control over what she was going to wear and there was nothing I could do about it.Surreal moment….Ms. Martin told us she would help. She is going to create hospital gowns for kids so that my Warrior Princess who wants pink and girly does not have to wear the same thing that Latoya’s Warrior has to wear … Can you imagine?! I have shed MANY tears in the past few days…tears of joy … and yes…I still have not shaken the Ugly Cry because my heart is so touched … so touched knowing what this will mean for my Warrior Princess and for all of the Warriors everywhere!Ms. Martin has asked for Savvy to design a hospital gown in color and for her friends that have worn the scratchy blue gowns to design as well. She will pick from the designs and make it happen. My hands are shaking from joy as I type and share this news with you. You can message me or email me at Info@SavvyliciousSweets.com or snail mail it to me if you have my address. I will with a joyful heart make sure that Ms. Martin receives the creations.
Savvy Anselmo's creative art work for her pink hospital gown

Hadley, one of Savvy’s hospital friends shows off her creative art work for her pink hospital gown