ISS Inspire Smart Success Summer 2012

ISS Inspire Smart Success Summer

The Maverick Behind the Seams

Youngsong Martin is known among the world’s most rich and famous as the go-to guru in luxury chair covers and linens for weddings and events. Her unique and innovative designs have been featured in countless industry magazines and the most chic affairs, including the post-Oscars Governor’s Ball and Vanity Fair afterparties. Her linens were used in the wedding of Edward and Bella in “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part I,” and her company was honored as the sole licensee much more than create glamorous, innovative designs for weddings and events, on-screen and off. She has innovated the linen and chair cover industry itself, honing in on the luxury market niche and providing a product that wasn’t readily available before the launch of her company, Wildflower Linens. And the best part is that no one thought she could do it.

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