Garden Tea Tablescapes

Young and Nikki

Tea for two? Who wouldn’t want to join in the company of CEO and designer, Youngsong Martin of Wildflower Linen, and top event designer and planner, Nikki Khan of Exquisite Events.  While following these talented ladies on their collaboration in writing a décor book about garden tea tablescapes, we are fortunate to preview a sneak peak of some of the gorgeous tablescape designs photographed by power couple Gene Higa and Braja Mandala.  From Asian inspired red, celadon and brown tones to European inspired royal blues with yellows and robin blue with silver table settings, this tea book will share delightful décor ideas for all tea enthusiasts!

Floral arrangements, perfect for each stylized setting, were provided by Natalie of Grand Éclair (Asian Tea Shoot) and by Eddie of Tic Tock Florals (European Tea Shoots).

Wildflower_Linen_Gene_Higa_photography_tea_shoot_1 Wildflower_Linen_Gene_Higa_photography_tea_shoot_asian Wildflower_Linen_Gene_Higa_photography_tea_shoot_4


Wildflower_Linen_Braja_Mandala_photography_tea_shoot5 Wildflower_Linen_Braja_Mandala_photography_tea_shoot2 Wildflower_Linen_Braja_Mandala_photography_tea_shoot Wildflow1er_Linen_Braja_Mandala_photography_tea_shoot Wildflower_Linen_Braja_Mandala_photography_tea_shoot6 Wildflower_Linen_Braja_Mandala_photography_tea_shoot4


Wildflower_Linen_Braja_Mandala_photography_tea_shoot12 Wildflower_Linen_Braja_Mandala_photography_tea_shoot9 Wildflower_Linen_Braja_Mandala_photography_tea_shoot10 Wildflower_Linen_Braja_Mandala_photography_tea_shoot7 Wildflower_Linen_Braja_Mandala_photography_tea_shoot11 Wildflower_Linen_Braja_Mandala_photography_tea_shoot13 Wildflower_Linen_Braja_Mandala_photography_tea_shoot14

A behind the scenes look…

Gene Higa photographing Nikki Khan and Youngsong Martin

Gene Higa photographing Nikki Khan and Youngsong Martin


(from top left to right): Nikki Khan of Exquisite Events, Youngsong Martin of Wildflower Linen, Natalie Jung of Grand Éclair, Gene Higa of Gene Higa Photography, Braja Mandala of Braja Mandala Photography