Wildflower Linen’s Leader and Select Colleagues Inspire Future Event Planners

Among her frequent philanthropic undertakings, Wildflower Linen president Youngsong Martin recently volunteered to tutor 15 event planning students from South Korea as they visited Southern California to study Western culture and the U.S. hospitality business. Young recruited several prestigious colleagues to help enrich the students’ learning experience, and she created an engaging itinerary and curriculum that included lessons in floral arrangements, table linen décor, fancy food stylings, and hands-on party planning.
The students started off their week-long sojourn with an early morning tour of the wholesale flower market in downtown Los Angeles, where they learned how to pick the right flowers for different kinds of events and how to coordinate them with props chosen for particular décor themes.
The aspiring event planners also had the opportunity to visit the renowned floral designers at Mark’s Garden in Sherman Oaks, where the students gained insights into special-event atmospherics as they marveled at the venue’s design studio. Those lessons were reinforced during a separate outing to The Hidden Garden in Los Angeles, where owner Amy Marella gave the students tips on creating floral masterpieces for weddings and other celebrations.

The visitors also had an opportunity to learn about floral arrangements from Natalia Jung, owner of the Beverly Hills-based event florist Grand Eclair. While there the students were taught how to arrange centerpieces using particular flowers and color palettes that coordinate with complementary table linens.

At Wildflower Linen’s headquarters in Buena Park, Young gave the students a private lesson in how to gauge varying event venues and devise décor concepts that highlight the purpose of a particular function. She showed how to select and coordinate table linens, chair covers and accessories to create sumptuous environments and lasting memories for event guests.

Another important aspect of the trip was a meeting Young arranged for the students with renowned event planner Mindy Weiss. The Beverly Hills-based celebrity planner explained the intricacies of American etiquette and the logistics that are involved in the successful orchestration of complex events.

On the last night of their trip, the visitors participated in an unforgettable evening at the Laguna Beach home of Wendy and Larry Tenebaum, where the students had to apply what they had learned to create an actual event. They spent the morning creating floral arrangements, setting up linens, and decorating tabletops for the evening’s special guests.

They also took their final lesson of the week from noted food stylist and caterer Noel Moton, who graciously took a break from her preparation for an upcoming appearance on TV’s “Good Day LA”. She dazzled the students by showing how she designs and assembles an elaborate cheese appetizer station, one of the signature creations of Noel Moton Platters & Displays in San Clemente.

As guests began to arrive for the elegant affair, the students dressed in their finest clothes then sipped cocktails as everyone praised the décor and reveled in a summer evening on the bluffs overlooking Laguna Beach. Dinner was prepared by one of Youngsong’s favorite Orange County caterers, Jennifer Wilson of Crème de la Crème in Costa Mesa. Playing an important role in the students’ experience, Jennifer carefully explained the behind-the-scenes intricacies of party catering as she prepared the evening’s lavish meal.

As the night progressed, the students enjoyed summer breezes from the ocean and reflected on the week’s eye-opening experiences as Youngsong delivered parting words of encouragement and inspiration. “These students were wonderfully engaged and clever,” Youngsong observed. “I’m confident that my colleagues and I left them with life lessons and memories they will draw from as they return home to launch their careers.”