Exploring Culture Through Fabric

Peek into Young’s Mind

Our designer and president extraordinaire has a lot on her plate! Every year, she wows the world with fresh fabric designs but how does she maintain her unceasing creativity? At the office, we suspect her coffee is actually rocket fuel. I mean how else does she fly to so many places in so little time?

Fortunately, for all of us, she’s decided to share some of her inspiration from her most recent excursions to East Asia.

The traditional Asian roof tiles create such an elegant overlap; Isn’t it oddly satisfying to look at? The same can be said about the rice paper screen doors. They are simple yet intricate. Young says that these are all ingredients that are re inspiring her this year. She goes back to her roots in South Korea; the focus on that jade green color in the ceiling of buildings promises bold color combinations in our future.

This cultural exploration isn’t completely uncharted territory but Young says it’s the start of a new expedition around the world. She plans to draw inspiration from more than just Asia. In fact, she hinted at taking a look at African fabric next. With their rich colors and beautiful patterns, that will be a sight to see!