Inspiration Of All Kinds

Cascading ruffles of layered silver flowing over tables and chairs add an elegant, magical touch.

Shimmering cocoa, deep warm browns and highlights of orange and green create a fabulous fall-themed event.

(Identical pictures in this .pdf) Layered shades and textures of berry and purple give this monochromatic palette a sweeping sense of style.

“Blue Willow” themed deep marine blues, bright whites and silver accents deliver the traditional look of an English country manor.

Spring is in the air with shining chartreuse, sunny yellow and splashes of golden orange.

Gold crocheted table overlays draped over champagne underlays and paired with fanciful gold chair sleeves produce a monochromatic masterpiece.

Formidable fuchsia with a distinctive black design is paired with lacy corseted chair sleeves for a bold fashion statement.

Embroidered periwinkle overlays, fuchsia and shimmering champagne deliver sophisticated elegance to a garden party.

Outdoor elegance with a rustic flair in textured beige, chocolate browns and mossy greens.

Apricot and dusty rose combined with fun faux fur gives this table its unique flair.

A magic fairy garden delightfully crafted from cascading golden browns and shimmering pinks and greens.

Embroidered Gold, champagne and more gold deliver sophisticated drama and dazzle.

Layers of iridescent kiwi green, citron green and embroidered mossy green create mystical, magical forest.

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