The Rock-Star Roster Continues to Grow in Wildflower Linen’s Designer Series

Celebrity event planners and designers bring prestige and panache to the new “Designer Series” of rental decor goods now being offered by Wildflower Linen. Read to see which two firms we’re excited to bring you!

Say hello to David Beahm & Lisa Vorce!


email20161003_01_01DAVID BEAHM

Famed for his whimsical style and trademark lavish flower creations, David Beahm is the founder and president of New York-based David Beahm Experiences. His firm is a favorite of celebrities, socialites and the fashion world, as well as a host of Fortune 500 companies.

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email20161003_01_02LISA VORCE

Lisa Vorce has parlayed her Fortune 500 planning and management background into services enjoyed worldwide by clients of Los Angeles-based Lisa Vorce Co (LVCO). The acclaimed event design and production studio creates one-of-a-kind celebratory experiences for discerning individuals and companies. LVCO’s boutique sensibilities assure specialized attention to clients’ particular needs, with flexibility and precision. LVCO’s focus on innovation, not formula, is reflected in décor signatures of the “Lisa Vorce Collection,” soon to be featured at

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Previously announced collaborations with celebrity event planners and designers who will be featured include Mindy Weiss, Ed LIbby, and Nikki Khan (already released). Stay tuned for what amazing things come up with, and be sure to check out the existing collection. Visit our Designer Series



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