Celebrating the 1st year in Korea with Wedding 21 Magazine Photoshoot


Youngsong Martin with Nisie Vorachard setting up a gorgeous romantic tablescape for Magazine 21 – Korea

This month marks the first year anniversary of Wildflower Linen Korea!  What better way to celebrate then by traveling over there to do one of Youngsong’s designer photoshoots styled for Korea’s no. 1 wedding magazine, Wedding 21 and then living it up at a surprise party afterwards!

Youngsong brought her good friend and amazing florist, Nisie Vorachard from Nisie’s Enchanted Florists to create her vision of a romantic tablescape enveloped in lush orchids and soft colored florals.  We also introduced our new chair sleeves, the Milano Silver Cap with Tulle and Rose Belt!  See the article and gorgeous photos below.

Wedding_21_Magazine_CoverWedding_21_Wildflower_linen_feature Wedding_21_Wildflower_linen_feature

From the setup to the final shoot, the team worked hard to create the perfect tablescape.  We kept the table linen crisp and clean in order to showcase the chair covers and florals.  It is nice to have elements in the décor that is just the “cheerleaders” once in a while.  These are the items that compliment and support the main focal point; otherwise, there may be too many things competing with one another and the overall vision can get lost.  Nisie noticed how gorgeous and vibrant the colors of the florals are in Korea.  They are more wildly grown and tend to appear more lush and rich in form during the green season.  We wanted to make sure her florals were a huge focal point of the shoot.  Then, as your eyes gradually lower, you see the classic clean beauty of the table decor followed by the more elaborate and whimsical eye catching chair sleeves.

Wildflower_Linen_Wedding_21_Magazine_Tablescape Wildflower_Linen_Wedding_21_Magazine_Tablescapeg_details Wildflower_Linen_Wedding_21_Magazine_Tablescapeg_chair_covers

We are so excited to showcase one of our new chair covers, the Milano Silver Cap with Tulle and Rose Belt. Layers of soft grey colored tulle is dressed with the Milano Silver fabric created into a cap to cover the top of the chair.  It’s finished off by one of our new Rose Belts; a thick band and silk fabric shaped into a rosette which comes in a variety of colors.  You can find this and other NEW chair covers on the Wildflower Linen website!



Although Youngsong thought she would be celebrating the 1st year anniversary of Wildflower Linen Korea with just a few friends, instead a surprise party honoring her ensued!  This private party was jammed packed with big celebrities including fashion designers Mag & Logan as well as high profile guests including editor in chief of magazines, hotel directors and friends that traveled from Indonesia.   The event also showcased the gorgeous tablescape from the photoshoot for all the guest to see.

Wildflower_Linen_Wedding_21_Magazine_inside_tablescape_party4 Wildflower_Linen_Wedding_21_Magazine_inside_party Wildflower_Linen_Wedding_21_Magazine_inside_tablescape_party3 Wildflower_Linen_Wedding_21_Magazine_inside_tablescape_party2 Wildflower_Linen_Wedding_21_Magazine_inside_tablescape_party1 Wildflower_Linen_Wedding_21_Magazine_inside_tablescape_party

Some of Wildflower Linen Korea’s events this past year included designing the Sidus HQ afterparty for the Busan International Film Festival, overseeing the Mag & Logan’s Runway show during Korea’s Fashion Week, creating events at the prestigious Jeju Island Hotel, Lotte and the Hilton, and even assisting in celebrity fashion shoots!

“What a fabulous week we shared in Korea and with such a fabulous accomplishment to celebrate! We are so proud of our Wildflower Linen Korea Team and appreciate all those that have worked with us this first year!  We look forward to many more years of creating beautiful events to come!” – Youngsong Martin.


SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK:  Nisie’s Enchanted Florist