An end of summer tribute to Costa Mesa Showroom

With our busy season in the works, it’s hard to find time to sit back and enjoy the company of great  friends, fabulous food and an amazing showroom…  but leave it to Wildflower Linen in Costa Mesa to show us that it can be done!  As an end of the summer tribute, let’s take a moment to reflect on the Costa Mesa Showroom and how truly beautiful our newest space is. 

Last month, we hosted a small open house for some our closest industry friends in the Costa Mesa area.  These select few were able to spend one on one time with owner/designer, Youngsong Martin, who chatted about everything from expert design advice and linen selections to  just catching up with old friends.   Our Wildflower Linen gal Annette Bravo, who facilitates the Costa Mesa Showroom, put together a great team of vendors and was able to showcase some of latest collections for the event. 

24 Carrots Catering did an amazing job showcasing International Cheeses, perfectly ripened fruits, and tasty specialty appetizers prepared by their chef.  Summer flavored cold beverages added a refreshing compliment to the delicious dishes!

We showcased a few of our favorite summertime decor that included Florals from French Buckets, Couture Flowers, and China settings from Classic Party Rentals.    Carolyn from Troedec Photography was gracious enough to take some detail shots of the showroom.
Suzanna of French Buckets created a beautiful table-scape of green’s and lavenders for the Garden Romance Table. 

Garden Collection

Andrew of Couture Flowers  created cutting-edge floral designs, displaying his masterpieces in a portion of our showroom that added a touch of excitement.

Pailettes Silver

Diamond Taffeta Silver

Other vendors included a lovely cake by Christopher Garren and stand by Raise the Cake.   
Whether putting on the show or attending, Wildflower Linen would like to thank everyone who made the day such a special summer treat!
For further information about the Costa Mesa Showroomor how you can have your own one on one visit with Youngsong Martin, please contact 714.241.1628 to schedule an appointment.