3 Tips on Innovative Wedding Trends

The preparation for the second annual Luxe Hotel Wedding Event is getting underway!  This is an unique wedding show featuring top event specialist who will be providing you the best services and products for your wedding.  Wildflower Linen’s beautifully detailed table linens and chair cover rentals will be seen throughout the show as many vendors will be featuring them.   See more details below about the event held at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel March 9 from 4-8PM.

Guests will be inspired and filled with information to educate them on wedding ideas.  For those who can’t make it to the show, we thought we’d share some of our own ideas including: 3 tips on innovative wedding trends.

Pop of Color

Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color where it’s least expected.  When people think about adding color to their wedding, they usually add it by using colorful florals, choosing a colored table linen or adding colored accents in ribbons or paper goods.  But what about adding something that is completely unexpected like adding the pop in the chair cover? It can create an amazing impact.  Choose the palette of your choice, keeping the linens and florals within the same color scheme and add the pop of color in the chair cover and smaller items like napkins and tabletop décor!  Guests will be stunned by the vibrant color and how much it can bring to the entire look.

Photo: Gene Higa Photography

Chair Cover Palooza

Although chair covers have been used for many years, it is just now becoming a bigger trend than ever.  Go crazy with chair covers for your entire event or just use a few for the head table or sweetheart table.  Memories of your wedding will be cherished for years to come and whether you have 2 or 200, the chair covers are always a feature that will be photographed and admired by your guests in depth! Chair covers can also help add a different feel in each area of your event by repurposing the chairs from the ceremony to the reception area. You can use a chair cover for the chairs during the ceremony and take them off for the reception or vice versa!  It will feel like you rented two separate chairs for the event! If you use chair covers for the entire event, you can do something simpler for the table linens.  Remember, you can visually see 100 chair covers in a room easier than 10 tables or centerpieces.

Photo: Jim Garner, Seattle, WA (With Thomas Bui Events)

Photo: David Tosti for Samuel Lippke Studios (with Details Details)

Wildflower Linen Carolyn Lace mulcahy_razi_w_1062

Braja Mandala Photography (With Moe Razi Design)

Wildflower Linen arlette champagne chair sleeve covers

(with Sparkle Event)

Wildflower Linen Diana Chair Covers - Four_Seasons_1662

Braja Mandala Photography (with Exquisite Events)

Visual Impact

If you want to make every table at your event over the top but can’t, the 3 main tables we recommend to spend some extra time and effort on are the escort card table, the sweethearts or head table and the cake table.

The escort card table is the table that every guest will venture by and it’s a great focal point during cocktail hour.  It is one of the first impression that guest will have about the décor and ambience.   Dress this table up to make it look fabulous and then add your favorite portraits, a collage of your favorite books or movies or just something special that represents you both as a couple.

Michael Jurick Photography (with Mark Rose Events)


Jamy Beecher Photography

The sweetheart or head table is special because all eyes are on you!  Your guest will be eyeing you all night at this table so make it something extra special!  Also, many of your wedding photos will be shot here so why not have great camera images to remember as well!

(with Sparkle Event)

Wildflower Linen Chair Covers with Jordan Payne Events

Wildflower Linen Chair Covers with Jordan Payne Events

(With Jordan Payne Events)


David Tosti of Samuel Lippke Studios (with Details Details)

Finally, the cake table is the table that all guests will convene around again at the end of the night!  It is by far one of the most photographed tables at the event so have it stand out for the occasion!  As shown below,  it can be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like but either way, the special attention to detail that our table linens will create makes a stunning difference!

Meg Smith Photography (with Details Details)

Isabella Blush

 Jasmine Star

Want to hear or see more? Come to the Luxe Wedding Event on Monday or have your own one on one design session with our Wildflower Linen Team of experts who can help create the wedding of your dreams!

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MORE on Luxe Wedding Event:

Luxe Wedding Event 1

From the people who created some of Beverly Hills’ most exclusive events, and under the creative direction of internationally renowned bridal stylist Renée Strauss, comes a must-attend event for brides-to-be (and their entourages) looking to be inspired by the very best in the business.

Luxe Hotels Wedding Event is multi-faceted bridal show geared toward sophisticated and discerning couples looking for their wedding dream teams. Quality and creativity are at the core of this event and all exhibitors invited to be part of it. Therefore, the vendors you’ll meet will have gone through a stringent application process so that you will only meet an exclusive and complementary selection of luxury partners committed to capturing your imagination and seamlessly executing your big day.

But this event goes beyond your typical bridal showcase. With a focus on luxury brands, experts, and out-of-the-box vendors, Luxe Hotels Wedding Event will encourage couples to think creatively to make each part of their big event special, memorable, and personal by providing information on vendors, services, and brands that can help with every last detail.

Look forward to seeing or hearing from you there!