Our commitment to quality | Made in the USA

Please read this important notice about photographs of trend-setting Wildflower Linen products that may appear on unauthorized e-commerce websites purporting to sell those depicted products:

Genuine-article Wildflower Linen chair covers, table linens and other products, which are designed by Youngsong Martin and fabricated exclusively by Wildflower Linen Inc. in California, are available only through contact channels and store outlets that appear on this website or through the authorized Wildflower Linen stores on Amazon.com and Etsy.com.

As violations of photographic copyright law become known to Wildflower Linen, our company endeavors to halt the illegal use of any of its proprietary product images that have been copied from this website by unscrupulous vendors who use those photos to misrepresent shoddy “knock-off” products they sell online.

Wildflower Linen is the critically acclaimed designer and creator of all its couture-quality linen products. The company does not manufacture any products in China, nor does Wildflower Linen purchase any foreign-made chair covers or table linens of any kind. All authentic Wildflower Linen products are proudly made in the U.S.A. and are hand-sewn in the company’s own design studio in Buena Park, California.

We urge linen shoppers to avoid the severe disappointments and unrecoverable expenses reported to us by embarrassed individuals who were deceived by unscrupulous e-commerce vendors who used stolen Wildflower Linen product photos to market their grossly inferior, even unusable, merchandise.