Youngsong Martin of Wildflower Linen – a Special Guest Speaker at ISSE Mexico

Today is the last day of the 4 day ISSE Mexico conference hosted by Inspire Smart Success.   ISSE is a series of exciting events for wedding professionals and small business owners to gain insightful information in order to book more business and grow their brand through an experience. 

This year, hundreds came out to learn from the best of the best in the Events Industry who came out to Mexico from across the country.  Special guest speakers included our very own Youngsong Martin of Wildflower Linen as well as celebrity planners/ designers: Preston BaileyDiann Valentine   and Sasha Souza, celebrity photographers: Mike Colón and Robert Evans, and other talents vendors and marketers including:

  • Preston Bailey {Celebrity Event Designer}
  • Diann Valentine {TV Host, I Do Over}
  • Sasha Souza {Celebrity Event Designer}
  • Youngsong Martin {Celebrity Linen Designer}
  • Ceci Johnson {Celebrity Invitation Designer}
  • Stacie Francombe {Inspire Smart Success}
  • Jen Campbell {Editor, Green Wedding Shoes}
  • Dana LaRue {Editor, The Broke Ass Bride}
  • Robert Evans {Celebrity Wedding Photographer}
  • Mike Colón {Celebrity Wedding Photographer}
  • Tiffany Nieves-Cook {Celebrity Event Designer, Platinum Weddings}
  • Urvi Prunier{Owner, Tejani Bridal Jewelry}
  • Bernadette Coveney Smith {Leading Same-Sex Wedding Expert}
  • Andy Ebon {Owner, The Wedding Marketing Authority}
  • Sonny Ganguly {Chief Marketing Officer, Wedding Wire}
  • Chris Easter {Founder, The Man Registry}
  • Dave Francombe {Executive Producer}
  • Christopher Confero {Event Designer}
  •  Stacie from Inspire  Smart Success wrote about guest speaker Youngsong: Click here to read all about it.

    Photos of the luxurious Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun:

    We’re excited to hear what the top event professionals had to say.. stay tuned for possible “highlights” of the event and workshop discussions!!!

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