Dress the Drinks Series – Las Vegas 2010

Not everything that happens in Vegas needs to stay in Vegas…especially when it’s this AMAZING!!  The ISES 2010 board in Vegas sure know how to put on a show, literally.   With the help of Dress the Drink’s specialty drinks as inspiration, Youngsong Martin (owner and designer for WFL) dressed a runway of models in our designer table linens and chair covers.  We’re talking about true Couture high fashion at it’s finest.   Youngsong received help from her assistant Tiffany Napial and one of our National Sales Representatives, MaryAnn Reilly, who joined in to make sure everything was perfect for the event.  

With over a dozen runway looks that were previewed, we only could pick out a few of our favorites to show you.  For each, we’ll show you some of the amazing designs, a little about the linens and the libations that inspired them. 

Our first linen and cocktail seems like a perfect fit not only together but as a celebration in honor of the first day of summer… Introducing the Chloe Collection and the ZING.

Our Chloe collection is made out of delicate organza and chiffon that has been mushroom pleated to add some life and texture to an otherwise simplistic fabric.   This is the staple for our Lilybelle Chameleon Chair Sleeve and our signature Chloe Tall Highboy Tables.  With over a dozen colors to choose from the Chloe Collection is a great choice for any of your rental needs.

And of course we didn’t forget to mention how to make the Apple Zing!

Stay tuned for some more amazing linens, models, and cocktails!!!

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